Posted by: grperegrines | 05/30/2017

5/30/17: Nest box news

Two weeks ago I was convinced that at least one chick had hatched in the Courthouse nest box, based on changes in the adult’s behavior.  It now looks like either I was mistaken, or the chick(s) did not survive.  The last time a falcon was seen in the nest box was last Wednesday, and it was laying down in the incubation position.  No falcon has been seen in the box since then.  I don’t know if the DNR biologist will check out the Courthouse box when he comes to band the GVSU chicks or not, but I’ll pass on any information if he does.

On a positive note, the GVSU chicks are doing well.  They are doing some wing stretches and their true feathers are starting to show.  Hard to imagine, but these little ones will be the size of the adults and ready to fledge in about 3 weeks.  You may have noticed that the adult female is not in the nest box as much now.  The chicks don’t need her to keep them warm and as they get bigger they will pester her for food almost constantly.  It’s safer for her to stay nearby but out of sight.

I got a brief view of the banded adult male when he stayed on the front perch for a bit.  His left leg has a black band over a band of an undetermined color.  No numbers or letters were visible.  Let me know if you could see more details.


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