Posted by: grperegrines | 06/18/2017

6/18/17: Fledging is probable this week

The chicks in the GVSU/Eberhard nest box are growing feathers quickly, getting bigger, and starting to sit on the front edge of the nest box.  This week they will reach the 35-40 day old window, which is when most peregrine juveniles make their first flights.

As they get closer to taking off their visible down nearly disappears, they do a lot more wing exercising, and they may hop out to the outer bar and back.  The adults may start tempting them to leave by flying in front of the box with food rather than delivering it to the box.

We’ve not had chicks fledge from this location before, so we don’t have any idea where the fledglings will try to go on their first flights. That makes it easy for them to disappear out of sight and important that observers share information.  Please report any observations of fledglings seen away from the nest box to me at  If you think the fledgling might be in trouble, you can also contact Eberhard Center’s security desk.  In the meantime, enjoy watching the active chicks either on the web cam or live in person!

In other news, the DNR biologist checked out the Courthouse nest box and found one abandoned egg.  We don’t know what happened and can only speculate.   It might be related to the disappearance of the other adult of this pair, that has not been seen since late April.  No one has reported finding a dead adult peregrine, so that disappearance also remains a mystery.   We will hope for a better result at this location next year.


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