Posted by: grperegrines | 11/26/2017

11/26/17: Falcons present

When I drive through the downtown area I always check for falcons in the places where I’ve seen them most often.  This week I had two sightings of a falcon in one of the boxes on the east side of the State Building.  This has been a favorite perch for the falcons that use the Courthouse nest box.  Earlier this month I was emailed a screen shot showing Majestic in the GVSU nest box.   What an encouraging sign that we might still have two active nest sites!  But don’t start counting eggs just yet, we have months to go before we’ll see any true breeding behavior.



  1. The web cam in the GVSU nest needs to be adjusted to show the nesting area and not downtown. Has the nesting box been modified so the back can be opened to access the chicks and tag them

    • I agree that the cam needs to be moved, as the birds are entering the box now, and not just standing on the railing. I’ll ask about the modification, too.

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