Posted by: grperegrines | 02/08/2018

2/8/18: Gearing up for breeding season

Sorry it’s been so long since my last post!  Throughout December and January, and again today, I received reports of Majestic, and sometimes a second falcon, continuing to visit the GVSU nest box.  A falcon has also been seen several times on the Kent County Courthouse.  At this time of year, the birds that migrated return and the pair is checking out potential nest sites.  In March, they start preparing their nest spot by digging a depression in the gravel, and mating may begin.  Egg laying can happen in late March, though our local pairs often wait until early April.

Remember that one of the falcons of the courthouse pair disappeared last spring, so the remaining falcon, if it stayed in town, will be looking for a new mate to show up.  It is too early to know if the pair at GVSU will prevent a second pair from taking up residence.  It is even possible that pair will choose the courthouse instead of the GVSU box.  All of that means that reports from anyone who can check for falcons in the Michigan Hill area will be welcome!



  1. seems like the web cam has been re-aimed to get more of downtown and the perch than the nesting area. Can this be fixed

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