Posted by: grperegrines | 03/23/2018

3/23/18: First Egg!

Update: The second egg appeared sometime between noon and 2:15pm today.  A third egg could show up by late Sunday.  This probably means the first egg was laid on Wednesday, not yesterday.

Yes, it’s here and the camera was moved back into position right on time.  Majestic, our adult female again this year, stayed in the nest box last night, which generally indicates the presence of eggs.  So, I’m pretty sure this egg was laid sometime yesterday, the 22nd. (If anyone saw her stay in the box Wednesday night, let me know!) Eggs are usually laid every other day, and a normal clutch is 3 or 4, though I’ve seen up to six.

Full incubation starts after several eggs are laid, so don’t worry if you see the first eggs uncovered for a bit.  The eggs won’t cool that quickly, especially if the sun is on them.  As I type this Dad has returned to cover the egg, but he’s still fussing with the landscaping.  Now Mom is here to take proper care of her treasure.

By the way, the easiest way to tell our male and female apart is by the amount of grey spots/streaks on their upper chest.  Majestic (Mom) has spots nearly to her chin, while Dad (not yet identified, but same as last year) has a mostly clean upper chest.  Mom is also about 1/3 larger than Dad, but that is hard to judge when seeing just one of them.



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