Posted by: grperegrines | 03/28/2018

3/28/18: Egg #4 is here

Some time between 8am and 11am this morning, Majestic laid her fourth egg. (Many thanks, again, to Kathy from GVSU for her diligence!)  This is earlier than I expected, and is probably the last egg.  A fifth egg is possible, but not particularly likely.

At this point I would expect incubation to really get going.  The eggs may still be exposed, especially in warmer weather, but usually not for very long.  Once real incubation begins, it’s 32-35 days before hatching.  One result of not starting full incubation right away is that the eggs hatch closer together, generally within a day or two.  The male and female share incubation duties, though the female is generally there for longer.

I still haven’t gotten down for a look into the courthouse box, but I did see a falcon on the corner of the courthouse yesterday.  Considering it was raining at the time, it is possible there is an egg there, too.  If any one has seen falcon activity in that vicinity, please let me know!


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