Posted by: grperegrines | 04/16/2018

4/16/18: Down to two

I was alerted by an email this morning that there were only two eggs in the GVSU nest box.  During a shift change just a few minutes ago I was finally able to confirm the bad news.  Somehow, in the last 10 days or so, two eggs were lost.  Like last year, there is no evidence of broken shells in the box, so it is impossible to know what happened.   Here’s hoping they have managed to keep the remaining eggs well sheltered from all this unseasonable cold weather.

I’d be interested to know when someone last saw 3 or 4 eggs.  You can email me or add a comment to this post.



  1. Could this explain the disappearing eggs?
    And there was absolutely no sign of anything — there were no eggs, no broken shells, no birds,” she said Wednesday. “I think that my most immediate thought, which I still have, is that human interference happened.

    • Hal, I think that someone interfering with the eggs is extremely unlikely, given the location of the nest and security measures in place. Given their history (they lost an egg last season) and the weather, I’m pretty confident this was due to natural causes of some sort.

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