Posted by: grperegrines | 04/30/2018

4/30/18: Two active nests in Grand Rapids

This afternoon I finally checked on the Kent County Courthouse nest box.  An adult peregrine was doing some rearranging and/or egg rolling before settling down to incubate.  The second adult was keeping watch from the SW corner of the grey elevator shaft on the south side of Children’s Hospital.  It is likely that they laid their eggs after the GVSU pair laid their’s, but there really is no way to know until we see chicks.

As for the GVSU pair, I think it is very likely that the hatching process has begun.  The adults are not sitting down as far, and they are holding their wings slightly out from their bodies, which generally means brooding.  However, there were two intact eggs at my last view of them about 2pm this afternoon.  Remember that it can take a day for a chick to break out of the egg, so not to worry yet.


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