Posted by: grperegrines | 05/01/2018

5/1/18: First hatch – GVSU nest

first hatchling 2018At 12:04pm today, Mom stood up to reveal a very wet first chick.  The second egg appears intact, with no pips visible, so incubation will likely continue.



  1. 1:33 one chick doing well

    • So far all is normal for our first chick. For the first little while the chick won’t be able to hold its head up for long, so it will be laying down most of the time. Also, the chicks don’t need to be fed right away, they still are absorbing the last of the egg yolk.

  2. Two hatchlings confirmed 9:22 a.m., 5/2/18

  3. there are 2 chicks as of early this morning

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