Posted by: grperegrines | 05/07/2018

5/7/18: Kent County Courthouse nest update

This afternoon I found an adult in brooding position (upright, with wings out) in the nest box on KCC. The chicks were not visible, but are likely a few days younger than those in the GVSU box.
The second adult was on the Children’s Hospital elevator shaft again. I was able to see that this adult is banded, but it was too far away to see details. The plumage made me think of Art from previous seasons, but I’m pretty sure Art is the one we lost last year, so it will be exciting to see if we can get a read on the bands to ID this one.
What a milestone it would be for GR to have two successful nests this year!



  1. One of the chicks at Eberhard has a bulge on its throat is that supposed to be there?

    • Yes, that pink bulge is actually a good sign, because it means the chick has been fed. It is the bird’s crop, where food is stored and the digestion process starts. Sometimes you can see a bulge in an adult bird in the same position on their throat, though it is covered by feathers in the adults.

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