Posted by: grperegrines | 06/03/2018

6/3/18: Fledging likely this week

The chicks are getting big and sporting less and less downy white every day.  Fledging (taking their first flight) commonly occurs between 35 and 40 days after hatching, with males generally launching a day or two younger than females.  In my experience, chicks tend not to truly fledge until the only visible down is on the top of their heads with maybe a wisp or two elsewhere.  So, I think the chicks in both nests are still several days away from taking flight.  They might get bold enough to hop out to the front ledge, which is very scary for the GVSU chicks because it’s a 10 floor drop to the ground from there, and the river is close.  The courthouse nest box is on an inner section, so chicks can land one floor down onto the main roof floor and run around safely.


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