Posted by: grperegrines | 06/07/2018

6/7/18: Update on both sets of chicks

Those of you who watch the GVSU nest cam know that the male chick was out of the box for most of today.  He appeared back in the box just before 6:30pm.  Based on observations by those at GVSU, he was probably somewhere on the roof where they couldn’t see him.  It is likely he didn’t take a true first flight, but hopped/jumped/flapped his way from one place to another.  It is a great sign that he was able to make his own way back into the box.  His sister made her way out to the front bar a couple of times, but was otherwise in the box all day.  She likes the front corner under the camera where we can’t see her.  My best guess is that the male might take a true flight tomorrow, with his sister following on Saturday.

The two chicks in the Kent County Courthouse box were standing at the front of the box when I observed them about 7pm this evening.  One adult was perched nearby.  Looking at their plumage, the two females look to be a day or so younger than the female in the GVSU box, so their first flights might be Sunday.  That box is situated differently, so sometimes the chicks drop down to the roof level and run around down there, hopping/jumping/flapping up to the roof ledge periodically for a day or two before their first flight.

As these four are about to find out, landing is a lot harder than taking off, so it isn’t unusual for a fledgling to end up on the ground.  If it can make its way up off the ground and isn’t too close to a road, it will probably be okay.  If its injured or in harm’s way, the best thing to do is to contact the security or maintenance people at either GVSU or KCC.  If that isn’t possible, send me an email and I can alert the proper people.

I’d appreciate any observations you have of these falcons, even if there isn’t an emergency situation.  It’s pretty easy for them to end up in strange places as they learn to fly, so having more eyes watching helps us keep track of them.

p.s. I expect the GVSU cam will be moved to show us more of the front bar soon.


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