Posted by: grperegrines | 06/10/2018

6/10/18: Courthouse fledglings, etc.

Late this afternoon I went to check on both falcon families.  I found all four of the courthouse peregrines.  The two adults were perched on the SW end of the VanAndel Institute, one on the top ledge and one on a letter below.  The two fledglings were located away from the courthouse, so each of them has taken at least one flight.  One was on top of 5 Lyon and the other on 300 Ionia, easily in sight of their parents and looking well.

I saw both of the GVSU nest adults, one perched on a cell phone repeater on Plaza Towers and the other did a fly over, heading west over the box and out of sight.  I couldn’t find either of the chicks, so I am assuming they found a safe place on the roof of the Eberhard Center not visible from the ground.  As I started to type this, one chick became visible in the nest box.  Having watched the camera for quite awhile this afternoon, I’m pretty sure it did leave at some point.  It is pretty common for the young birds to try to return to the nest box for the night, so hopefully the second chick will again return before full dark.  It not clear if either of them have attempted to fly off the building.


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