Posted by: grperegrines | 07/27/2018

7//27/18: Out of town?

Reports of the peregrines have been few and far between this last month, and most have been of a single adult.  Earlier this week I walked around downtown and the only peregrine that I spotted was an adult that flew across Pearl to land on the SW corner of the Amway Grand tower.

In past years, the falcons have been scarce for much of August.  I’ve always assumed both the adults and the juveniles found a better place for the young ones to practice hunting while avoiding the heat of downtown.  With fledging occurring a few weeks earlier than usual this year, most of the peregrines seem to have disappeared earlier, too.   Hopefully the adults will be back in a month or so.  The juveniles should be on their own migration adventures, hopefully to find a territory of their own in the next year or two.


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