Posted by: grperegrines | 08/04/2018

8/4/18: Still in town

I’m glad I put a question mark in the title of my previous post, because the group on the Urban Bird Walk (sponsored by the Grand Rapids Public Library and Grand Rapids Audubon) saw two, possibly three, peregrines Thursday evening, Aug 2.

The first falcon noticed was an adult on the SE top corner of the MSU/Secchia building.  While we were still viewing that one, someone noticed a second peregrine on the top of 25 Michigan.  That one was moving up onto a roof ledge and then back down out of sight.  It was clearly brown in color, so this was probably the remaining female juvenile from the courthouse nest box.  We were much too far away to read leg bands of either falcon, but I’d be very surprised to find GVSU birds that close to the nest site of the Courthouse pair.  While I can’t confirm the third sighting, a few of the walkers saw a bird fly from the SW railing of Amway Grand, which is where I saw a peregrine last week.  That was most likely one of the GVSU adults.

Thanks to all of the people who joined us for the walk. I hope you enjoyed yourselves and learned a little more about the birds that call downtown their home.



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