Posted by: grperegrines | 09/05/2018

9/4/18: Hanging around

On Thursday and Friday of last week I saw adult peregrines perched in familiar places.  One was on a west side window ledge of the Van Andel Institute, another on the west side letters of the MSU/Secchia building, and then one in box 13 (from the North), just below the roof on the east side of the State building.  There was no sign of the juvenile, who has presumably taken off on it’s first migration.  Juveniles rarely return to the location of their birth, assuming that their parents will defend their territory and chase them away.

I have not been watching the GVSU cam regularly and rarely go through that area, but I expect that pair is also around.

Like other urban pairs, our peregrines tend to stay in this area rather than heading south.  It is thought to be due to the ready supply of prey items like pigeons and starlings that are also in cities year round.  Please continue to let me know of any falcon sightings you may have in the downtown area.


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