Posted by: grperegrines | 06/04/2019

6/4/19: Kent County Courthouse banding info

DNR biologists found just one chick in the Courthouse nest box this morning, along with a damaged egg and an unhatched/unviable egg.  The chick, a female, was given a silver federal band on her right leg and a Black 31 over Blue K on her left leg.  The two adults did their best to defend their nest, flying almost continuously.  The female swooped down many times.  I think she got closer than in previous years, which explains why the biologists always wear hard hats.

Peregrine falcons fledge somewhere in the range of 35-42 days old.  Since Black31/Blue K is a big girl, she may need more wing exercises than the average chick before taking off for her first flight.  I’m guessing that won’t take place for at least another 10 days, possibly as many as another 15.  That’s when it gets really exciting.  Young peregrines are good at take-offs, not so good at nailing their landings.

The two chicks in the GVSU nest box are still scheduled to be banded Thursday morning about 10am.

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