Posted by: grperegrines | 06/20/2019

6/20/19: Out of the box

For those who don’t watch the GVSU nest cam, the two juveniles have been out to the front rail and back quite a bit the last few days.  The female is the older one and she’s been out to the side of the box for the last two days, but returned late this afternoon, safe and sound.  I kind of expect the female to try flying tomorrow if the weather is reasonable, but the male needs another day or two, based on the amount of fluff he’s still sporting.

The juvenile from the Courthouse nest box is now a fledgling.  She took off yesterday afternoon, but ended up on the ground along Ionia Ave.  One of the Courthouse maintenance people was able to safely capture her and take her back to the roof, uninjured.  She hasn’t been sighted today that I know of, so I’m hoping she is running around on the Courthouse roof.  Another day of wing exercises might get her strong enough to make a successful attempt tomorrow.

As always, please email me with any sightings you have, especially if you think a juvenile might be in trouble.


  1. Yesterday,(July2) I saw a juvenile on the camera who was obviously drenched, going through quite the preening process. Made me smile!

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